Don’t Think, Just Be!


As some of you know, this post has taken quite a few days to appear here. I must say that a part of the reason why, was fear.

The thoughts of “what if no one likes anything I post?” What if I’m not good enough to voice my opinion”. “What will my friends and family think?”.

All of a sudden, this new thought came to me, “don’t think, just be”.

What a concept!

This thought was profoundly fresh!

I’m not gonna over think this new venture… I’m gonna just be…

I’m gonna be me! There are no other “me’s” out here… I am unique… I am a little different… I am me! No one else can ever be me.

….and no one else can ever be you!

So… don’t think, just be!

You may be weird; you may be wild! You may be quiet or perhaps you’re loud!

Just be you, because I’m gonna keep on being me!

We have gifts within us that may be similar to some others, however, no one can operate in those gifts exactly the way we can.

We must contribute and share our positive light to edify others!

So… if you have positive gifts and abilities that you want to share with others…

Don’t think, just be! Just be you!

A pinch of wisdom can go a long way!


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